Angel Ligths


Angel Lights


When a person tends to see lights flashing and have tested negative for any optical problems, chances are that you are seeing Angel Lights. They tend to resemble a light impression and sometimes they can also, seem to sparkle.

What do the Colours Mean?

So, encountering Colours;

White; Purple, Blue Aqua,Blue Dark, Blue Pale, Green Emerald, Green Pale, Green with dark Pink, Beige, Pink with Fuchsia, Pink Pale, Rainbow, Turquoise, Violet, Yellow Dark, Yellow Pale.

Beige: Azrael, the archangel who helps us heal from grief

Blue (aqua): Raguel, who helps with relationships

Blue (dark): Zadkiel, the archangel who helps us improve our memory and mental functioning

Blue (pale, almost white): Haniel, who helps women with their feminine health, and assists with clairvoyance

Green (bright emerald): Raphael, the healing archangel

Green (pale): Chamuel, the archangel who helps us find whatever we’re looking for

Green with dark pink: Metatron, who helps children retain their spiritual gifts and self-esteem

Pink (bright fuchsia): Jophiel, who helps us beautify our thoughts and life

Pink (pale): Ariel, who helps with animals, nature, and manifestation

Purple (bright, almost cobalt blue): Michael, who gives us courage and protection

Rainbow: Raziel, who heals spiritual and psychic blocks and teaches us esoteric secrets


Turquoise: Sandalphon, the musical archangel

Violet (reddish purple): Jeremiel, who helps us heal our emotions

Yellow (dark): Gabriel, who helps messengers and parents

Yellow (pale): Uriel, the archangel of wisdom


Virtue, Doreen (2011-01-15). The Angel Therapy Handbook (pp. 141-142). Hay House. Kindle Edition.

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