Archangels Astrological Signs

Astrological Signs Associated with the Archangels

Michael, Raphael, and Haniel —Are the overseers of all

the light, carefree, happy spirit

Azrael—Capricorn, the healer concerned with mortality, transitions, and finality

Chamuel—Taurus, the persistent finder of what is being sought Gabriel—Cancer, the nurturing and hardworking parent

Jeremiel—Scorpio, the truth teller who goes into shadows comfortably

Jophiel—Libra, the lover of beauty and orderliness Metatron—Virgo, the hardworking, industrious, inventive, curious, serious perfectionist

Raguel—Sagittarius, the sociable peacekeeper

Raziel—Leo, the dramatic rainbow of colors and bright light Sandalphon—Pisces, the artsy dreamer

Uriel—Aquarius, the thinker and analyzer

Zadkiel—Gemini, the sociable but studious multitasker

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