Blue Aura

The Meaning of Blue Aura:

Blue is next to the yellow and it is one of the easiest colours to see in the aura.

Blue denotes calmness and peace. When an individual wears blue, they are usually showing devotion, honesty and seriousness.

Wearing blue could denote sensitivity, they usually have a tendency to be psychic and they usually have the ability to develop telepathy.


Blue will tranquillize you into calmer levels of being.

When you’re all in knots and unable to relax, sit quietly and imagine soft layers of blue wafting beautifully through your aura. Intensify the color blue according to your impulse.

Blue enhances psychic ability, helps with dream interpretation,
stimulates intuition so if you are wanting to augment these facets of your understanding, project soft blue energies from your aura.

Blue will also help sooth tempestuous emotions as it has a lovely calming effect.

The lighter shades of blue reflect an active imagination and good intuition.

The deeper shades of blue reflect levels of devotion.

Royal blue shades indicate honesty and good judgement.

They can also indicate the the person has found or is about to find his or her chosen work.


Too much Blue


The muddier shades of blue could reflect blocked perceptions. They could indicate melancholy,
rushing and worrying, domineering, fearfulness, forgetfulness and over sensitivity.