Emperor Han Chongdi 漢沖帝

Emperor Han Chongdi 漢沖帝

(r. 144-145 CE)

Personal name Liu Bing 劉炳, courtesy name Liu Ming 劉明, was an emperor of the Eastern Dynasty 後漢 (25-220 CE). He was a son of Emperor Shun 漢順帝 (r. 125-144) and Lady Yu 虞貴人 and succeeded to the throne with the age of two years old. The regency was therefore taken over by Empress Dowager Liang 梁太后, the main consort of his father. During his reign, there were the peasant rebellions of Xu Feng 徐鳳 and Ma Mian 馬勉 in Jiujiang 九江 (modern Shouxian 壽縣, Anhui).

Emperor Chong died after a reign of only five months and was buried in the tomb mound Huailing 懷陵.

He was succeeded by Emperor Zhi 漢質帝 (r. 145-146 CE).


Chen Quanli 陳全力, Hou Xinyi 侯欣一 (ed. 1988), Diwang cidian帝王辭典 (Xi’an: Shaanxi renmin jiaoyu chubanshe), p. 47.

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