Feng Shui

Feng Shui.


Feng Shui is based on Chinese Astrology. The year follows a 12 month cycle, the 12 earthly branches. The Chinese New Year is represented by 12 Earthly Branches, which represents the 12 years cycle of animals. Each Chinese year, which is known as Chinese Animal Zodiac, which is symbolized by the characteristic of each animal, and the animals are ascribed a Yin or Yang element.


Feng Shui In The Home.


Feng Shui! Startlingly impressive !

It is amazing that when you arrange things in a certain way, you start feeling uplifted. This is how the ancient Chinese set their Fengshui principals, they set their principals according to experiences and as time went by a pattern emerged. This pattern was eventually written and followed with success.

With the FengShui you could transform your life the way the Chinese did with their Feng Shui. Did you know that Richard Branson also uses FengShui in his building designs, and have you noticed how successful Richard Branson is. When one thinks of Feng Shui, one tends to think that the principle is a mind riddle.


Feng Shui is an amazing art that opens the heart and mind of your life and soul. There is no magic, but the principal is so effective that it could be thought of as MAGIC. The way they work out your individual Feng Shui plan is to work out your ‘Kua Number’. Your Kua Number is worked out by obtaining your individual Kua number.

Feng Shui. The 2nd cycle is based on the 12 zodiac signs;


The Chinese year never falls on the 1 st of January but with the date that corresponds with the 2nd New Moon after the winter equinox, winter solstice ( on or about the December the 22nd, when the sun is at its most Southern point). So, the intrinsic nature is governed by one of the 12 animals, which represents each lunar month with their own elements. 

The two main legends which introduced the twelve animal signs, were suggested to be that of the “semi-mythical” figure called “The Yellow Emperor” at around 2637 BC. The other legend was believed to be from the Buddha (c. 563-483 BC), who invited all of the animals to visit him, but only 12 of those animals apparently visited him.

So, he had an aspiration to show his appreciation by dedicating a certain year to each of those animals for posterity. The order in which the animals arrived was said to dictate the allocation of the years and their order within the twelve year cycle. Hence, the animals always appear in the same order.

Feng Shui in the Garden.


Gardening is Rewarding. it could be our quiet haven, it could be indigenous and relate to our own physical psyche, it could be created on a high block of flats, a small balcony or a house.

Gardens could be of any size, and yet you could create a retreat, you could contain any soil type, yet! still, they are plants that can be found most types of soils.
Gardens could be a remedied to reduce many unpleasant diseases, such as stress and it  could be beautifully created by adding some flowers, ornaments and imagination.

Look at the picture taken in Naples, a garden to dream for, well stop dreaming, have your haven in your back garden.

Whether you decide to design an indigenous garden or a Chinese garden, I can help you apply the design according to the Feng shui Principles and I could help you to apply the principles of Feng Shui and help you could induce a healthy environment. By applying and observing the laws of nature we could follow the basic formula of Feng Shui.

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