History of Colour Therapy

So you are wondering how Colour Therapy can be used.

Lets look at the history of Colour Therapy.


Colours can be emitted either physically, through light exposure or through suggestion techniques, nutrition, visualization and meditation.

Let us think back to the first man, Adam, his solar rays provided him with vitamins and warmth. This combination meant that Adam was content and healthy. He lived by nature’s laws. And I don’t know about you all, but I truly believe that man should live by nature’s laws, as much as one can. We, as humankind have made so much damage to our global earth that we all need to rectify it the best way we can.

This is why I am a strong believer of Feng Shui, Colour Therapy, meditation and nutrition; together they bring control to one’s life and brings you nearer to using nature’s laws as it is intended.

Too often nowadays, individuals are not treated as a whole; however, this could also be the way the system is running. Never the less, individuals deserve to be treated holistically. Some people, see some alternate therapies as voodoo magic, however; Feng Shui, Colour Therapy, meditation and nutrition have been used for many centuries. Those who were depicted as using these ancient therapies were; Egypt, India, China and Persia.


Not only identified that the seven primary colours, which they felt could be used to heal and that they could also use it to practice their worship. Having said this, the Egyptians also built their pyramids according to nature’s forces and placed them in certain directions, similar to Feng Shui principals. Both the Chinese and Egyptians were true believers of practicing colour therapy as part of their healing medicine.

Iran (Persia)

anciant persia

In ancient times used their priest as their doctors and preachers. At around 1000BC, Zoroaster wrote Persian’s civil law and specific law against the demons. This law was named Vendidad. The Vendidad mentions many diseases and how it conducted its medical doctrines. Like the Chinese, they believed in the Yin and Yang forces and the use of colour therapy to complement these forces.


The Indians never regarded man as evil. They believed that man should find himself a self-awareness of his self-consciousness through meditation and they also believed that the more you meditated the more you could gain self-awareness and heightened sensitivity. So, in the late nineteenth century, our western society gained a psychological theory and psychoanalysis theory, whereas; the Indians have practiced this theory for thousands of years. The Indians evolved their theory through the work of Chakra. , since 1910, our western society developed a theory for the Chakra through the endocrine gland and the nervous system.

However; for over a thousand years, the Indians interpreted the Chakra’s understanding of the physical, psychic and spiritual health and well being of the whole individual. The Indians made use of the man’s aura, an electromagnetic field force which surrounds the body and to which has since been photographed by western society. The Indians relate the aura to the seven bodies which radiate the seven colours of the spectrum. Hence; along with meditation they used scents, colour therapy to enhance self-awareness. They were amongst the first to belief clairvoyants whereas most western society looks at clairvoyance as someone who is mentally challenged.


Ancient Egyptians-

In 1500BC the Egyptians used colour therapy cures, which were listed on papyrus, and the

Ancient Chinese –

( around 2000 years ago)The Chinese also used colour therapy as part of their cures.

ancient chinesepapyrus

Their Colour therapy was one of the nine basic ‘cures’ applied in Feng Shui, the Chinese art of divination and directing energy (qi) to create conditions that are conducive to health, happiness and good fortune. Some basic concepts about different colours.





He discovered that light traveled in waves.

Plato and Pythagoras –


pythagarus   They both did various studies on lights.



Paracelsus –

paracelsius During the Middle Ages, he reintroduced the knowledge and philosophy of colour using the power of the colour rays for healing along with music and herbs.

Unfortunately, the poor man was hounded throughout Europe and ridiculed for his work. Most of his manuscripts were burnt, but now he is thought of, by many, to be one of the greatest doctors and healers of his time. A man, it would seem, very much ahead of his time.

Not only do we now use Colour Therapy once again, but, his other ideas, using herbs and music in healing, can also be seen reflected in many of the complementary therapies now quite commonplace.

Isaac Newton.


So what did Newton discover?

isaac newton

Newton passed a beam of sunlight through a prism. When the light came out of the prism is was not white but was of seven different colours: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. The spreading into rays was called dispersion by Newton and he called the different coloured rays the spectrum.


He learnt that when the light rays were passed again through a prism the rays turned back into white light. If only one ray was passed through the prism it would come out the same colour as it went in. Newton concluded that white light was made up of seven different coloured rays.

However; the Chinese believed that white was not a colour, as they believed that white was a mingle of colours with equal proportions, which they came to believe that white signified purity, innocence and serinety.

I hope you enjoyed the history of colour therapy, a science used thousand years ago with success.

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