Indigo Aura

The Meaning of Indigo Aura:

The purple shades often denotes an ability to handle affairs with practicality and worldliness.

The lighter shades of Violet and purple could reflect humility and spirituality.

Indigo could help you reflect and contemplate your journeys, your tasks.

When we need to dive deeply into our inner selves and pierce the soul for intense knowing, indigo will protect us with its magic during these spirit journeys.

It’s a colour if incalculable depth.

We can submerge our spirits and walk the etheric worlds and our indigo aura will protect our bodies while astral travelling.

The red purple shades could indicate great passion or strength of will.

They may also reflect a need for greater individual effort.


Too much Purple


The darker and muddier shades could reflect a need to overcome something.
They could also reflect intense erotic imaginations as well.