What is Meditation




Do you realise that day dreaming is the beginning of meditation. When, you are sat on a bus, a plane, in a class room, lecture hall or just merely having time out. Do you notice that your mind start wondering off, whether it is because someone or something has just reminded you of something? Did you notice with this thought, you start day dreaming, this gazing or day dreaming is the focal point. The focal point was needed to begin your meditation. That is actually the beginning of meditation.

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Physical and Psychological benefits of Meditation

Meditation is a very simple practice. Meditation could induce serenity and peace. By learning how to relax and knowing how to calm your breathing, you could actually increase your psychological and physical good health. Meditating helps you to fulfill your hidden abilities, this is due to you knowing how to relax and taking deep breaths when encountering any unwanted difficulties, stressful situations. This gives you confidence to unlock those dark rooms; you have been for so long, locked in. Building your confidence allows you to approach your fears face to face. Your daily life and experiences could lead to an overload. An overload is like an overflowing jar.budha-meditation1
The mind is like a jar, and as time gets by you need to empty of some of those experiences and fears. However; the only way you are going to achieve this is learning to accept those situations and learn to put those unwanted fears and unwanted experiences behind you. Learning to meditate, could also learn teach you how to deal with future’s unwanted encounters. No one can eradicate the unwanted experiences but what meditation does do is to teach you to accept the situation, learn to relax, learn to breathe correctly and move on without to much scaring.

Physiology: Meditation Benefits.

By meditating you can regulate your breathing and thus lower the oxygen intake and in turn this will decrease your respiratory rate, and these decreases will then lower your blood pressure and maintain it to an acceptable level. Doing all this increases your chances to achieve deeper relaxation. Hence, meditating will in the long run lower your anxiety attacks, and you will find that you will tense less, meaning it could help you cope with physical ailments.  meditation111Meditation helps you to focus and concentrate, which means you could waste less energy, by organizing your thoughts, you organize your life. This could lead to taking up productive activities, increasing your immune levels up. It is amazing how meditating could change your life, the physiological benefits extends to relaxing our nervous system. Allowing a person who suffers from anxiety, phobias and depression to take control of their own life and organize their own life. Also, as they relax, their nervous systems relaxes and that persons confidence increases, allowing to benefit from physiological growth and learn to maintain a lasting beneficial change.

Psychology: Meditation Benefits

Psychological benefits ties in with the growing physical strength. If you can learn to control your breathing, and increase your physiological aspects of your life, you will find your confidence will grow, which means that with this you could increase your serotonin levels, and this will have an enormous and positive influence on your moods and behaviour. Enabling to control your behaviour and emotions you could improve your relationships between your friends, family and work colleagues, and ignore petty arguments or ignore those who think they know everything and yet not know much at all. You could even develop intuition. Holistically, the person who learns to control, organize themselves, could develop the will power to achieve anything they want, positive thought energies creates a greater communication between the two brain hemispheres. This allows the person to react faster and calmer under stressful events. Meditation increases tolerance and helps you to gain your own control, which gives a maltreated person the chance to walk away from the situation unharmed, as they learn to organize their thoughts and their life.

Meditation is a form of self healing, allowing the waves of our minds to calm, revealing our truest nature to ourselves and relieving the everyday dissonance of our anxieties and fears. We will provide you with everything you need to start enjoying this practice for yourself. We can guide you through every step of the way as you undertake your journey, with live tutorials and regular email correspondence, we can help you progress to your chosen level of proficiency at your own pace. We also provide 1 on 1 or group sessions explaining the theoretical, historical and scientific aspects of meditation.

Basically, anything you may need, whether it be to achieve Nirvana, learning to relax, further towards self mastery, improve focus or de-stress after a long day. We can provide.

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