Orange Aura

The Meaning of Orange Aura:

Orange is also a booster, whether it is colour, or orange scent it could make you feel revived and fresh.

Orange is derived from red, hence, it could give you a warming sensation, heal physical or psychological wounds.

As orange is an indication of courage, joy and sociality.


As red enlightens your hidden talents, orange is a colour which could reflect an opening of new awareness, especially to the astral plane.

It could give you clarity, creativity and it can rejuvenate you.
Orange is the energy of life force, the metabolic body.

The metabolic body refers to how the body maintains the physical body during sleep and hence, provides the energies for breathing, the heartbeat and also the body’s blood circulation.

Orange also helps nourish the involuntary nervous system, and this is sometimes referred to as the etheric body.

In fact, many S.A.D. sufferers, which many suffer from, are helped by having a sun lamp, as the sun radiates energy.

If you’re feeling low, depressed and melancholy, then orange is the perfect colour to turn your low energies into good and positive energies.


Too much Orange


Depending on the shade, it could indicate emotional imbalances and agitation. Some shades of orange could reflect pride and flamboyance.

This could also lead to worry and vanity.