Red chakra

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The base chakra is connected to passion, life energy, sexuality, and the power to create. Motivation and survival. It provides all raw energy to all other systems of the body. Due to it being part of the ground it helps us to keep realistic and have a practical approach to life.

Red stimulates the activities of the root chakra. The red chakra is the most concentrated of the seven chakras.

As it is dense, it is the slowest of all the wavelengths within the visible spectrum, yet, it is the most stimulating colour.

Notice how the red colour draws your eyes so all of our energy and attention is focused towards it, it drags you in.

That’s why we use red colour for the stop lights and stop signs. The root chakra colour commands attention. It signals danger to us.

 Where is The Red Chakra Found?

spine2b.jpgThis Chakra is found at the bottom of the spine.

How to Access the Root Chakra?

When you are visualising or meditating, a good way to access the root chakra is to concentrate on the Reproductive Glands, between the legs and in the hollow of the lower spine.

In Woman’s lives, an overload of this chakra occurs at least twice in our lives.

  • This first occurs to teenage boys and girls, this is at puberty, when a build of new hormones takes over.
  • The second time for woman it occurs at the stage of menopause. This is due to the fact that during menopause due to their is excretion or depletion of hormones.

How do you know your ‘Red Chakra’ is balanced?

You seem to be

  • Grounded
  • In Control of Emotional Needs
  • Countless Energy
  • Good Physical Motivation
  • Good Mental Motivation
  • Adventurous  

How To Maintain A Good Balance Of Your Red Chakra?

Red and black colours are usually a good source, whether it is stones or meditation, or even to what you wear.

How To Treat Unbalanced Red Chakra?

Treat it with orange.

What Are The Symptoms Of Excessive Red Chakra?

  • Explosive
  • Aggressiveness
  • Volatile
  • Dominating
  • Obsessive
  • Selfish
  • Materialistic
  • Overindulgent
  • Over Ambitious
  • Egotistical
  • Manipulative
  • Over Sex Drive

What Ailments Could Occur With An Imbalance Of A Red Chakra?

Disorders Caused by Imbalance Include:

  • Tiredness/Exhaustion
  • M.E
  • Blood Disorders/Anaemia
  • Low Blood Pressure
  • Kidney Problems
  • Bladder/Bowel Problems/Elimination Difficulties
  • Obesity
  • Impotency
  • Lower Back Problems
  • Problems Accepting Physical Reality

Under Active Root Chakra

  • Disconnected From World/Yourself
  • Disorganised/Lack Focus/Lack Discipline
  • Anxiety/Depression/Restless/Lack Stamina
  • Financial Insecurity
  • Under active Sex Drive
  • Poor Immune System
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Nutrition for the Root Chakra:

Aromatherapy/Essential Oils For The Red/Root Chakra

Health Products For You

  • Sandalwood
  • Cedar
  • Rosewood
  • Cloves
  • Black Pepper
  • Rosemary

How Could I treat the Imbalances?

Meditation || Colour Therapy || Reiki

Crystals to Maintain the Root Chakra:

The Root favours the lower colour spectrum, so use blacks, reds or deep orange crystals in your regular treatment.

 Stones Include: 

Chakra Healing Balancing Crystal Tumblestone Set

  • Haematite
  • Black Onyx
  • Red Tiger Eye
  • Snowflake Obsidian
  • Red Jasper
  • Ruby
  • Garnet
  • Black Tourmaline


10ml Musk Fragrance Oil

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Musk || Lavender || hyacinth || Mud

Is There a Complementary Colour for the Red Chakra?

Green, as it quietens the energy.

Yoga Poses to Balance Your Chakra.

Tree Pose (Vrksasana) / Root Chakra (Muladhara)
This pose can seem a little challenging but it does make you feel more alert, the confidence gained from this pose will give you security and make you feel more stable. The Muladhara governs your family ties and feelings of survival, belonging, and guarding.

Here, is where all your earliest memories are stored, including whether or not your basic needs were met.


Don’t worry you could practice this with your loved children try  Mini Me Yoga E learning

Chakra Affirmation.

red chakra symbol
Try to focus on the red light that radiates from your base Chakra.

Remind yourself that you are in good health and in good sound mind.

Stand in your strength and in your truth.

Then, try to forgive yourself for neglecting your body in the past.

Then, start to love every part of your body, to love and feel the love that fills every cell which is filled with energy and power.

You can now stop to judge yourself negatively, only think yourself as beautiful.

Now, accept your greatness with all that you are.

Now, choose to have thoughts that add to your life, thoughts of love, compassion, harmony and peace.

Request to sleep in peace, to awaken in bliss and to enjoy living!

Take a deep breath in and acknowledge love.

Finally, accept and appreciate.

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A Beginner’s Guide to the Chakras

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