Violet Aura

The Meaning of Violet Aura:

Violet interprets warmth and transmutation.

This colour blends the heart and the mind, and blends the physical with the spiritual, which is an equilibrium.

For this, the individual has to be physically fit and spiritually well connected, imbalance could dysfunction either the physical or mental ability.

Equal balance reflects independence and intuition, as well as being dynamic and important to those dreams activities.

Sometimes, this colour denotes someone who is searching.

Violet is a colour you can not go wrong with. As well as yellow it embodies angelic energies.

Violet inspires pure and divine love, innocence, purity.

Soak yourself in violet in lavender and see your aura calm your inner and physical energies.

violet could make you relaxed, happy and attract tenderness into your life.

The lighter shades of Violet and purple could reflect humility and spirituality.



Too much Violet


Too much could reflect a tendency toward being overbearing, needing sympathy and feeling misunderstood.

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