Yellow Aura

The Meaning of Yellow Aura:

The Yellow layer is also known as the astral body, which corresponds to the solar plexus and the emotional energies.

The yellow aura represents the soul of the individual.
The yellow is the easiest to be seen.

Yellow around the hair line, usually indicates optimism.

Yellow is the colour of mental activity and new sunshine. It could reflect new learning opportunities, lightness, wisdom and intellect.

The more pastel the shade is, the more your life would reflect an enthusiasm for something in life, the power of ideas and spiritual development.

Yellow is the colour that enlightens and bring about new ideas, it could awaken psychic abilities.


Yellow is a set-point for divine light, and when we infuse our auras with this colour we are raising our energetic vibrations to angelic levels.

This is the color to choose if you’ve been consumed with distractions, confusions, or distorted perceptions.

Yellow will help you re-focus, sharpen your intellect, clarify your perception and get truthful insight into whatever kind of mysteries you’ve been dealing with.

Too much Yellow


Too much muddy shade of yellow could reflect excessive thinking and analysing.

It could reflect being overly critical, feelings of being deprived of recognition and being dogmatic.